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Does this software actually work?
It does for me - flawlessly. That is why it is so important that I receive feedback - otherwise how will I know what to fix?

Why did you start this project?
I converted to linux in August 2003 and I couldn't find one single application that was specifically for creating home videos with a digital camcorder.

Where do you see the project at in the future?
My main goal is something that works consistently time and
again. My secondary goal is to make dvd-homevideo easy to use. So in the not so distant future I would like an application that is stable for other users besides myself as well as an application that a beginner could use with limited knowledge of linux. Something my family could use.

Does the Multi-Threading option under the tools->Project Properties menu work?
No. This feature is NOT functional. If you want dvd-homevideo to function correctly then please ensure that this option is NOT checked.

Can I have spaces in the path to my files or in my title?
Not currently. dvd-homevideo is a wrapper program that depends on other software that does not support spaces in either the path to a file or in the title.

Why does the menu creation always fail?
At this time the menu creation only allows for 10 titles to be used, and no chapters. This means that if you have started and stopped your camcorder over 10 times on the tape, then the menu creation will fail. What you need to do is to specify a title file - see the documentation link for more details.

What version of Java does dvd-homevideo support?
Java 1.5 or greater. It was too much of a hassle to support 1.3 and 1.4 - a lot of deprecated libraries and such. Plus 1.5 has a nicer "look and feel" to it. You can download the latest version of Java here.

What programs do I need to have installed for dvd-homevideo to work properly?
Click on the 'Dependencies' tab for a complete list of programs that are needed.

What about kernel modules?
You need raw1394 loaded to capture data from your ieee1394 port (firewire port). So as you can probably infer, dvd-homevideo does not work with USB.

Anything else?
dvd-homevideo is only as good as the feedback I receive. As I said, it works fine for me so unless you guys email me your problems it will never get any better. And you can also send me an email if it works too :)