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August 25th, 2007
I recently updated to the latest version of dvd-menu and found that this update breaks dvd-homevideo. Please reference the versions of software in the Dependencies tab to ensure proper operation...at least until I can update dvd-homevideo to reflect these changes.

January 16th, 2007

Check out the new FAQ section of this website. I am planning on releasing a version that does not contain multi-threading capability as this non-functional option has frustrated many users. For now, don't enable it and don't use SPACES in your paths or titles.

October 18th, 2006
I have gotten zero feedback regarding the latest release. I would like to add a FAQ section to this website, but NO ONE is giving me any feedback. With that in mind let me challenge everyone who uses dvd-homevideo to email me with their experience - good or bad...PLEASE!!! I would like to know if I am toiling in vain or if others are actually finding this software useful.

September 18th, 2006
Version 0.4.0 is now available. I NO LONGER SUPPORT JAVA 1.4!!! You must upgrade to 1.5 or use at your own risk! Multi-Threading is still very rough, however I like feedback. If you want the software to be stable then make sure that the enable multi-threading check box is NOT SELECTED under the tools menu. Also updated the GUI to only allow the start button to highlight when all of the correct parameters have been entered. One final note, dvd-menu now requires imagemagick, so grab it before you try executing dvd-homevideo (I need to update the dependency check to look for this program, specifically the convert program that is part of imagemagick).

May 23rd, 2006
New version out, however I am still working on the 'broken pipe' bug. For the most part it appears to only affect PAL users, and in some cases it can even be ignored. I have found this bug relates to user permissions, the input audio codec in transcode (-x dv,dv) and possibly the root of the issue may be in dvgrab and/or libdv. I will keep this website posted with relevant information as it becomes available.

Please send me feature requests if you think of something you would like to see. I can't guarantee anything, but if you don't ask...

April 25th, 2006
I am currently implementing some improvements to the GUI which include a file menu to save and load previous sessions, a tools menu to continue without having to recapture, retranscode etc., and a help menu to lead you to this site as well as for submitting bug reports.  I am going to release this version this weekend at which point I will then turn my focus to the transcode bug.  Sorry for the delay but this bug caught me right in the middle of this new code.

You have spoken, and apparantly there are some issues with transcode segfaulting during tcdecode.  I am currently working on this issue, and all indications are that this bug has occurred for some time in transcode and is difficult to isolate.  Through this website I will keep you posted of any progress that is made.
I NEED FEEDBACK!!!  This application works flawlessly for me, but NO ONE has told me how it works for them.  Please let me know!  I can't make the software better without feedback!

March 11th, 2006
There was an issue with the different java targets and the latest release (0.3.1) of dvd-homevideo.  The issue has now been resolved.  dvd-homevideo_0.3.1 is no longer compatible with Java 1.3 due to a deprecated API.  It is however fully compatible with Java 1.4 and Java 1.5.  This updated code is now available on the download page.  Finally, if you ever have issues with dvd-homevideo and you want to compile from source then follow these steps:
  1. cd into the dvd-homevideo/src directory
  2. type - javac *.java
  3. type - java gdvdhomevideo
And as always, email me with any questions!
March 7th, 2006
Listed below are the steps necessary to get dvd-homevideo running properly on your linux box.
  • Install all of the dependencies!  It is best to use a package manager for this such as urpmi for Mandriva and yum for Fedora.  See the Linux Links tab for a complete list of dependencies.
  • Make sure that the raw1394 module is loaded into the kernel correctly.  This sounds scary, but it is actually very simple to do.  See the documentation link for instructions.  You could also add this code to your /etc/rc.local file so that it is done automatically every time you boot.
  • Hook up your camcorder and enter all of your parameters, then GO!
I have noticed that there are some issues with spaces in filenames.  It is strongly recommended that you replace all spaces with '_' instead.  I will work on this issue in future releases.
March 6th, 2006 -
dvd-homevideo_0.3.1 has been released!  I am ahead of schedule for the first time!  Go to the downloads page to download the latest version.
February 28th, 2006 - Improvements I am currently implementing:
1.) NTSC or PAL compatible
2.) User can choose to select an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9
3.) Audio is now output only in ac3 format.
The next release that will incorporate these improvements should be out by mid March.

December 30th, 2005 -
I have updated the download page on sourceforge to reflect jar files for Java SDK 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.  This means that no longer is Java SDK 1.5 a requirement for dvd-homevideo.
Current Requirements for dvd-homevideo are:
Java JRE 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5
mjpegtools (mplex)
dvd-menu (part of the dvd-slideshow package)
dvd+rw-tools (growisofs - only required for burning to a dvd)